"A Time to Remember" | June 5, 2016

"A Time to Remember" | Rev. Dr. Ella V. Redfield | Gift Sunday (6/5/16)

This is a time to remember from whence we have come.

  • Black people from times of slavery left a legacy that must be built on; a legacy of courage, strength and faith in God. •Even in slavery they took the time to worship God, but lately it seems like institutions including churches have lost sight; something got misplaced, and church falls within that something
  • In the text, Moses reminded the people that the Lord had brought them a mighty long way (verse 2) 
  • When God blesses you and opens so many doors that your ancestors did not have, you ought not forget where you come from. Do not forget who brought you. 
  • We are people of God. We are the church: the hands and feet of God, here to do His service 
  • Always remember legacy. What we do today has a rippling effect on generations after
  • We are benefiting from the legacy of our ancestors and New Creation has the power to build a legacy.

Gift Sunday is about building God's church up. And when we remember, we will be glad to be a part.

Sermon Text: Deuteronomy 8:1-4; 10-18