"Listen to the Voice" | May 22, 2016

"Listen to the Voice" | Rev. Dr. Ella V Redfield | (5/22/16)

Main Points: "she" is Lady Wisdom

  • She is constantly trying to get our attention..seeking to share what she knows because she understands God's plans for the world as she has been there from the beginning and without her, we are in a place of lack and limitation
  • Life goes so much better for you by walking and talking with her; and Blessed & happy are those who listen to her.When we listen to wisdom, we will be in sync with the plans God has for us.
  • A few things to consider:
    • Wisdom is a part of life; she is woven into our lives
    • Wisdom is the creative aspect/power of God
    • Wisdom delights in relationships. She is happy to be in the presence of God and human kind and she delights when we embrace her.
  • "The wise person walks with God..."



Sermon Text: Proverbs 8:1-4; 22-31