"A Time to Remember" | June 5, 2016

"A Time to Remember" | Rev. Dr. Ella V. Redfield | Gift Sunday (6/5/16)

This is a time to remember from whence we have come.

  • Black people from times of slavery left a legacy that must be built on; a legacy of courage, strength and faith in God. •Even in slavery they took the time to worship God, but lately it seems like institutions including churches have lost sight; something got misplaced, and church falls within that something
  • In the text, Moses reminded the people that the Lord had brought them a mighty long way (verse 2) 
  • When God blesses you and opens so many doors that your ancestors did not have, you ought not forget where you come from. Do not forget who brought you. 
  • We are people of God. We are the church: the hands and feet of God, here to do His service 
  • Always remember legacy. What we do today has a rippling effect on generations after
  • We are benefiting from the legacy of our ancestors and New Creation has the power to build a legacy.

Gift Sunday is about building God's church up. And when we remember, we will be glad to be a part.

Sermon Text: Deuteronomy 8:1-4; 10-18

Sunday's Word | May 29, 2016

Sunday's Word | Rev. Dr. Ella V. Redfield (5/29/16)

Main Points:

~Incredible faith has a well built foundation
~Incredible faith believes in spite of the world's doubts
~Incredible faith is really knowing something about the power of God
~Therefore, one should work everyday to strengthen their faith; and when the time comes for God to call you home, he will say "well done my good and faithful servant".

Sermon Text: Luke 7:1-10

"Listen to the Voice" | May 22, 2016

"Listen to the Voice" | Rev. Dr. Ella V Redfield | (5/22/16)

Main Points: "she" is Lady Wisdom

  • She is constantly trying to get our attention..seeking to share what she knows because she understands God's plans for the world as she has been there from the beginning and without her, we are in a place of lack and limitation
  • Life goes so much better for you by walking and talking with her; and Blessed & happy are those who listen to her.When we listen to wisdom, we will be in sync with the plans God has for us.
  • A few things to consider:
    • Wisdom is a part of life; she is woven into our lives
    • Wisdom is the creative aspect/power of God
    • Wisdom delights in relationships. She is happy to be in the presence of God and human kind and she delights when we embrace her.
  • "The wise person walks with God..."



Sermon Text: Proverbs 8:1-4; 22-31

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