Golden Leisurites


“The Golden Leisurites”

Motto: “The Golden Leisurites are beautiful seniors having a beautiful experience together”

The Golden Leisurites provide senior adults in the wider Wheaton/Silver Spring community with opportunities for camaraderie, support, learning, and having fun in a supportive and spiritual environment. Participation in this ministry and its programs is opened to all senior adults 60 and over.

The Golden Leisurites meet once a month and the program is designed to address the concerns and needs of the participants as well as introduce new ideas and concepts that challenge, encourage and inspire each to live the best life possible. The program and activities include:

A. Lectures related to, e.g.,

    1. Health: Medicines, Nutrition,
    2. Physical Activities
    3. Modern Technology
    4. Entitlement Programs
    5. Estate Planning
    6. Creating Legacy
    7. Sharing Wisdom

B. Field Trips

    1. Theater
    2. Museums and Monuments
    3. Historical sites
    4. Aquariums
    5. Fun Activities

C. Programs

    1. Exercise
    2. Bone Building and Yoga
    3. Games
    4. Arts and Crafts