Who We Are


New Creation Church is a small, friendly, and warm congregation with big dreams and ideas to advance the Kingdom of God in the hearts and minds of all people. We invite whosoever will to come join us to make a difference in this life.


Our Vision is to embrace, enrich, and empower lives for God.


Our Mission is to create a Spiritual Community to worship, learn and have fun experiencing the power and presence of God. We explore spiritual truths to enrich our lives and the lives of others.


Spiritual Living

We are committed to having a relationship with God that expresses abundance, beauty, expansion, creativity, and being kind and loving.

Education and Learning

We believe education is among the most important building blocks of spiritual growth and development and we engage in activities that expand our understanding of biblical and spiritual truths.

Community Building

We are dedicated to connecting with all people, who we believe are a “piece of God”, and providing a safe place for all to find wholeness and have fun.

We are dedicated to being an inclusive community and valuing the gifts and graces of everyone.


We are committed to operational integrity, meeting our commitments to our members and being responsible stewards of our financial resources.