Our Pastor

     Our pastor, The Reverend Dr. Ella V. Redfield, has created a meaningful, purposeful, and powerful ministry at New Creation Church and beyond, serving the people of God with grace and love.  Many people have been empowered and are experiencing life changing through the preaching, teaching, and compassion of our leader who also provides for us precept by example.  Dr. Redfield is co-author of a book that has also touched so many lives, "The Circle Of Life, Waking Up To The Ultimate Design For Our Lives." She is highly respected in the church and community, and her ministry continues to unfold to the glory and honor of God.

     Dr. Redfield has been featured in stories by the Washington Post, Wheaton Gazette, and American Baptist Churches publications.  She has preached in numerous churches and has conducted a variety of workshops and seminars throughout the United States.  She served as a member of the Professional Advisory Committee of the National Institutes of Health Spiritual Ministries Chaplaincy Program, an Instructor at the Howard University School of Divinity Continuing Education and co-facilitator at Wesley Theological Seminary.  She has also served as the President of the District of Columbia Baptist Convention.

     Dr. Redfield, is a native of Silver Spring, Maryland.  She was licensed and ordained by Zion Baptist Church, Washington, DC.  She holds two Theological Degrees, Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry, both from Howard University School of Divinity, Washington, DC.  Pastor Redfield is a true woman of God. She is a visionary, great administrator, and Biblical and Spiritual teacher.  She lives in great faith and encourages us to live our "best life" by applying the spiritual truths from God's Word as well as other spiritual writings in our everyday living.  She teaches us how to live from the God within and to see God in everybody and everything.  She is genuinely compassionate, kind, helpful and has a natural ability to make all feel welcome.