Dr. Ella V. Redfield

Welcome from our Pastor Dr. Ella V. Redfield

Dear Friends:

Welcome to the ministry of New Creation Church! We appreciate your interest in our church and we cherish your presence with us. We are unashamed to say that New Creation is a great church! We seek to be guided by the spirit of God in worship, in educational activities, helping others, in warm hospitality, and having fun as we experience the presence and power of God.

At New Creation, we believe that everyone is “a piece of God”, and we invite and welcome all people to come join with us as we together experience God in our world and in one another. Our congregation is determined to move forward as a purpose-driven church, existing to make a difference in the lives of people so that we all can enjoy the life that God has designed for us. As we explore the many faces of God, and the gifts and graces that each of us have been uniquely endowed with, we are excited about the many possibilities of the church for today.

Please know that inherent in our name, “New Creation”, is the desire and intention to seek new possibilities in experiencing life and God to the fullest. We are open to various forms of worship and we create programs and fun activities that nourish and enrich the spirit. We also provide opportunities to learn and grow, to serve, and to be leaders in Kingdom Building as we rise to new heights individually and collectively. We are grateful for all those who come and join with us, and we are pleased to create a special place in this ministry for all. Again, welcome and may you find joy in this House of God, New Creation Church.

Blessings to You!!

I Am The Bread of Life

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We respond to the physical and spiritual needs of our members, our community, and our world.  We seek to spread compassion as we develop effective ways to give.


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The supreme goal of fellowship is to strengthen the bond of relationships with one another and to experience "fun" as we share together in the journey of faith and life.


Send us your prayer request and we will respond to you personally.
Give as the Lord has prospered you to support the mission and ministries of New Creation.